Difference Between Resort And Hotel

In this endless digital era of hectic life cycle, every now and then, it is always a good idea to simply take a break from your everyday hustle-bustle schedule and steal some unwind moments for yourself.

So are you also planning an exotic vacation with your friends this Christmas weekend or setting up a holiday with family on the eve of New Year, but having a hard time deciding where to stay..? Are you also stuck frustrated in the thought, stating, “What is the difference between a hotel and a resort..?” I understand your confusion because I went through the same situation.

If you will search it out on the Internet or ask a local travel agent, you will get an endless number of available hotels and resorts but it generally becomes more tough to choose, when you are not aware of the precise differentiation among the two.

However there are several other options available too, but hotels & resorts are preferred most. Those who love travelling might have stayed at both the places. Considering these two options; both hotels & resorts are a part of the hospitality industry and kind of establishments that provide luxurious and paid accommodation facilities together with a set of banquet services temporarily. Yet both are far distinct from each other in terms of the locations they are located at, the activities they include, and the amenities they offer.

For multiple times, you might have gone through this major question in your mind that what makes a resort better than a hotel. As the hospitality industry is rapidly extending its services beyond its former capacities; some star hotels are in try to create a resort-like environment within their hotel premises, and hence you cannot make a correct choice between a resort and a hotel, without knowing the type of experience you are willing to have.

Nevertheless, do not worry; we are here to help you recognize the exact and exceptional difference in staying at a hotel and at a resort. So, let us study the beneficial individualities & advertised features of both and try to figure out which one is as good as it says. Knowing these differences will not only assist you to decide on the most suitable option for your upcoming vacation but will also bring this discussion of resort vs. hotel to an end.

Main purpose Hotels are mainly meant for providing meals and comfortable lodgings facilities, sometimes lavish, for a shorter period of time to their guest. Resorts are not just confined to accommodations business but they also focus on providing a milieu for relaxation & recreation to their customers.
Amenities and services provided In general, hotels only make available the basic necessities to its customers, for instance, a bed, a bathroom, and flavorsome food.

Nowadays, some hotels also provide facilities like on-time meals, gym, spa, and laundry service.

Resorts are mainly designed around natural beauty that encourages guests to unwind.

Thus, besides basic facilities, scuba diving, boating, fishing, lounge, spa sessions, gymnasium, shopping hubs and much more is accessible at a resort visit just with a little extra pay.

Location Hotels are typically situated near popular destinations like main roads, highways, airports, bus stands, railway stations, markets, and downtown. Resorts are primarily located around mesmerizing natural surroundings or in the midst of some picturesque locations such as seashores, hills, and forest areas.
Required space A hotel construction usually just stretch over enough land property for its buildings and a parking lot. Almost all its activities take place only within that specific structure. A resort is commonly spread out over more land part in comparison to a hotel as it tends to span over a significant amount of space, which allow the guests to get engage in outdoor activities.
Duration of visit Hotels normally have stays for a short time span.


Stays in resorts are comparatively for a long period of time.


Freebies offered Most of the hotel accommodations do offer free access to their WI-FI, room service, and airport shuttle facilities.


Together with shuttling services, resorts tend to provide several other facilities like vouchers for some nearby theme parks or badminton match or arrangements for a local tour guide to visit the historic sites.


Customers People who are on their official or educational tours or on some business trips; generally do opt hotels for an overnight stay.

The key purpose of an exhausted traveler is just to have a comfortable place for a short-term to take a shower and sleepover.

Resorts themselves are considered as a vacation destination. People book them with an intention to rejuvenate and relax down by taking a break from their regular hustle-bustle mess. They are primarily taken by those who are looking to have a holiday in a particular town or nation.


Hopefully, this article helped you and if you are in search of your perfect pick for this leisurely vacation; I’ll definitely suggest you to go for a resort. If nothing much in the city, the resort itself serves as an ideal place to spend a weekend somewhere else other than your home. With multiple fully furnished rooms along with a well-equipped kitchen and a pleasant living space; a resort offers everything a vacationer would love.

At present, there are various luxury resorts in India which have in-house hotels within their resort. Ananta holds a class of luxurious hotels and resorts in India. So, without any delay, book your place now and take comfy sunbathe, play fun games, and relax down in that lush environment with your loved ones.