In this endless digital era of hectic life cycle, every now and then, it is always a good idea to simply take a break from your everyday hustle-bustle schedule and steal some unwind moments for yourself. So are you also planning an exotic vacation with your friends this Christmas weekend or setting up a holiday with family on the eve of New Year, but having a hard time deciding where to stay..? Are you also
Do you admire working in the kitchen..? Do you like to assist your Mom while cooking..? Do you often dream to be the next Master Chef..? Do you wish to cook and serve your loved ones with delicious cuisines every day..? Do you love to experiment with spices & ingredients of culinary to create some new taste..? Do you frequently look for the opportunity to take charge of the kitchen and work on an innovative
Both Hotel Management and Engineering are two completely different fields in terms of different backgrounds, syllabus, workings, and career scopes. As both the fields carry distinct values and responsibilities; there is no straight comparison between the two. However, when it comes to choosing one as a career sector, you can relate a lot between the two in several aspects. With extreme reorganization and huge scopes, the stream of engineering is an evergreen career desire for