Innovative Approach Towards

Conditioning The Young Minds

The Young Chef, an initiative by AIHMAS is a life-changing opportunity for higher secondary students where budding chefs get a glimpse of the culinary industry and can exercise their love for cooking and gain global recognition.

AIHMAS’s aim to establish this platform was to enable thousands of students from different schools across Rajasthan to participate every year in this culinary competition and bag the most coveted title and a scholarship to study at our esteemed institute. The competition every year is fought out in three gruelling rounds. It starts with the Prelims where students bring pre-cooked food to be judged. The next level is the Zonal Semi-Finals where selected students are invited to cook in the AIHMAS campus kitchen. Twelve selected teams the reach the Mega-Finals.

The Prelims, Zonal Semi-Finals and Mega-finals are covered by the renowned media houses of the country.

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