Women’s Role in Hospitality Industry
Jun 13 2019

The hospitality industry has been traditionally male dominated partly because of the culture and nature of the industry, where the job opportunities are more versatile and require staff to be flexible with relocation options.

The role of women across the globe has increased in recent years,  from doing the household chores, today’s women is educated, tech savvy,  understand how the business operates.  Like any other industry, one cannot think of hospitality industry without a woman co-worker. A woman does not just bring charm & beauty to the work,  but through her creative,  calm and compose nature she adds a lot to work place.

Breaking the glass ceiling certainly isn’t unique to the hospitality industry and the good news is that there has been significant progress.  Compared to twenty or thirty years ago,  it’s much easier for a woman to obtain a leadership role.
In Asia where the hospitality industry is expanding rapidly,  and with technology advances it’s easier for a hospitalty graduate woman to fit in any role.  Additionally with the growing demand of skilled work force,  the industry has to consider both male and female candidates equally for position that traditionally have been dominated by men.

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