Dec 04 2019

The travel and tourism industry simply revolves around serving the guests with a height of maximum ease and comfort. Meanwhile, the businesses of hotel and hospitality have become increasingly popular with the key fact that they contribute 10.4% in the global GDP.

In this present era of globalization, the hospitality industry is indeed getting huge significance due to rapidly increasing consumer demand for excellent quality. Today, it has a count among profitable career providing sectors. There are several Hotel management colleges in Rajasthan that offer diploma and degree courses in hotel or hospitality management to students and assist to attain all the required knowledge and skills for efficiently managing supervisory responsibilities in the Hospitality sector.

Hotel and hospitality industries are usually considered one and the same field in general. Although, both of these are two major sectors of the travel & tourism domain with many similarities, but the attribute to the fact is that they are two different industries that are growing at a fast pace.

Hospitality and hotel management are the terms that are extremely identical and thus it is never surprising that they certainly got interchanged. However, in several perspectives, there is a bit of variations between the two terminologies. With a few of the subtopics, let’s try to encounter some unique differences between ‘Hotel management’ and ‘Hospitality management’ that are surely worth acknowledging.


Meaning of management here Hotel Management is only concerned with the hotel sector and all other related guest services such as concierge, front desk reception, housekeeping, food and beverage department and maintaining salon, spa, gym and pool. Hospitality management is concerned with the management of people. It is not just confined to a single industry; instead, it deals in serving different segments of tourism industries straight from hotel to sales & marketing or event management.
Wider scope Hotel management is a branch of hospitality. It only talks about the provision of attending and taking care of paid customers within the hotel premises. Hospitality is an extensive term that comes with a much wider approach. It includes Hotel management, but not restricted there. Despite the paid guest, it refers to serving all sorts of visitors with complete warmth and delicacy.
Job Roles Here, job roles like hotel manager, front desk manager etc. are driven only in the hotel sector.

They focus on operational areas of a hotel such as customer service, Food and beverage production, Front office operation and venue maintenance.

In particular, customer care executives under hospitality are not limited to catering and dealing with guest but they are also responsible for broader departments.

Hospitality managers look after the application of management principles in various aspects of the hospitality industry that encompass HR, finance, business development, events, tour or conference organization and so on.

Area of operation Its business areas are bordered up to the management of accommodation and other functioning of a hotel, restaurant, resort, cafe, nightclub and the like ones. Hospitality is a pervasive service sector; for instance, at hotels, motels, retail stores, multiplexes, banks, in an airline institution, at a workplace or even at home, it could be carried out everywhere.
Functioning responsibilities Albeit in a different setting from hospitality, Hotel management is also responsible for taking care of guests but it emphasizes more on operating and managing only the hotels and their associated establishments. Under hotel management, one has to deliver services in an integral part of the hotel industry.


Hospitality management is all about presenting a warm welcome and delivering an excellent amount of care during the visit of your guest or client irrespective of stars hotel. It focuses to take the customer experience to the next level of comfort and satisfaction at the specified venue or event.


Nevertheless, both the hotel and hospitality industries work on meeting and greeting the guests ensuring they have a successful visit.

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