Oct 02 2019

Fruits & vegetables carving is an extremely popular art technique of carving fruits and vegetables in Europe and various regions of Asia such as Thailand, India, Japan, and China. Apart from just decoration, carving of food is usually done with an intense to enhance the desire of consuming that specific food.

Generally, carving refers to the act of shaping or designing an article, to form beautiful objects by scraping away some of its portions with the help of a sharp tool. The same technique is exercised when it comes to carving of fruits and vegetables. Various fruits like apples, pineapples, cantaloupes, watermelons, and strawberries are put into use of carving.

In the recent trend

Nowadays people perform this art of carving as a profession and get paid. Skilled carvers design and display their cookery techniques in parties, wedding events, and various other functions. These trained carvers have the proficiency and practice to illustrate a decorative dish by garnishing in a way that delivers a pleasing and tempting experience to the viewers.

Here are seven unique factors to do fruits & vegetable carving in the hospitality industry.


  1. Art of fruit and vegetable carving is not only an inexpensive hobby but also it relieves you from stress when you see an ordinary fruit turning into an art piece. Carving assists the apprentices to explore and sharpen their potential of food presentation and craft their mark in the global hospitality industry.
  2. Besides delighting the loved ones this art offers a great business opportunity to pursue. As a career, carving delivers you with a complete sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
  3. Fruits & vegetables carving is an ideal combination of beauty, decoration, and taste. When you start carving any fruit or vegetable, the level of your imagination begins to gear up. Thus anyone, with an immense zeal for this beautiful approach, can opt for this creative work.
  4. There is a great importance of food presentation in the hospitality industry. Therefore, fruits and vegetables carving generally serve the intention of making the food more attractive and appetizing that lures the viewer to have it.
  5. This sector of fruit and vegetable carving gives you complete freedom of expressing your creativity and imagination, as the field of art is infinite and comes with no borders and limitations.
  6. You can consume your successful experiments too, once you are done with plating the food and admiring its beauty but the biggest benefit of fruit and vegetable carving is that you can eat your mistakes. In case you mess up with the carving experiment and cannot rectify, you can simply have them.
  7. The cost of starting carving art as a hobby is comparatively low. To perform it you do not require any partner or much stuff. All you need is just a knife, some fruits or veggies, and a creative mind. You can practice it easily and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Carving professionally

Although, many people practice carving just as a hobby or pastime, but on a greater scale, if you want to turn your carving interest into a sincere profession, you should opt for a reliable and professional guide who can teach you this art efficiently.

There are many colleges and institutes for hotel management who can facilitate you with this by providing a diploma in hotel management. However, you should be very cautious while selecting the one for your future, as sole diploma does not make any worth, the genuine dexterity matters the most. Therefore, do emphasis on learning the skills perfectly besides getting the certificate.

If you too have that passion in your mind and creativity in your hands, this is high time to polish your caliber and demonstrate your carving to pursue a brilliant career.

AIHMAS, Jaipur is one of the best colleges for hotel management studies in Rajasthan. It provides various diploma courses in cooking art apart from a regular Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Hotel Management. Here you can learn the desired art of carving in a completely professional environment and get trained by industry experts.

Once you get a hold of your chef diploma course and learn this skill as a professional carver, you can price your services at any high-class hotel, restaurant or catering agency.

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