Sep 11 2019

Non-alcoholic spirit is reshaping the beverage industry by constructing a splash with fitness enthusiasts. According to a survey, the Indian mocktails industry was about US$2.5 billion in the year 2015 and is likely to rise at a CAGR of above 17% from the beginning of 2016 to the end of 2020.

Let us explore the reasons why top restaurants are planning a sip of change action nowadays.


  •       Since earlier times, eating of fruits has been considered extremely beneficial for health, but have you ever thought that drinking them can be even more delicious and pleasing. Nevertheless, this is a novel trend in the market for a nutritious lifestyle.


  •       Evolving from the words ‘mock’ in addition ‘cocktail’, it is undergoing high calls with times among the consumers. These non-alcoholic drink assortments are grabbing chef and restaurant’s attention, as they are a promising and developing segment in the beverage industry.


  •       Taking this trend under concern, restaurants and cocktail bars are all set to offer their customers with a massive range of veggie or fruit-based non-alcoholic drinks diversity that is to say ‘Mocktails’.


  •       However, the mocktails and cocktails are delivering almost the same sort of delight; the previous one lacks the presence of alcohol in it. Considering the changing habits of the customer, it is perhaps the perfect time to introduce an alcohol-free marketplace.


  •       One of the prime reasons behind this continuous expansion in mocktail division is cafeterias’ constant effort on sophisticated layers of colors and flavors along with quirky names and extremely creative expositions, which tempt consumers to fall in love with these non-alcoholic products.


  •       The improved drinking routines of societies have generated a competitive sense of serving the best quality and taste, which has permitted bartenders to create, and demonstration fresh quality, seasonality and innovative flavorings every day to please their patrons.


  •       As per the recent mock tail revolution ongoing across the country, people are choosing to avoid alcohol and henceforth cafeterias and restaurants are frequently experimenting with their beverage menu to deliver an energetic and refreshing drink to their guests.


  •       Generally, it is visible that craving people use to carry mock tails. Combined with several refreshing elements, this amazing alcohol-free drink is rapidly building its place in Indian menus, which is more likely to develop in the near future.


  •       Another cause of the increasing involvement of mocktails in the hospitality industry is about being a substitute for liquor. People, who are looking for the crisp and complex notes of beer and wine, that too without any alcohol content, are eagerly appreciating these mock tails products in the new beverage segment.


  •       The flavor and presentation of these Mocktail drinks add upon the pleasure of the customers. As mock tails are making available the taste along with the experience to a non-drinker, the market serving mocktails is probable to show a huge growth blast in upcoming years.

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