Hospitality is world’s most dynamic industry
Jun 13 2019

Is it? Before I define that, let’s first understand ‘What is hospitality?” As per dictionary Hospitality refers to the relationship between a guest and a host,  wherein the host receives the guest with goodwill,  including the reception and entertainment of guest s,  visitors or strangers.

Every Child in India from early age is being briefed to treat guest as God living the age old values of  “Atithi Devo Bhava”,  going forward Hospitality in India is not just a profession but also a way of dealing with people, as an Industry it is not just about accommodating people and cooking the best food, but doing the same thing again and again with the smile and warm heart.
With the growing global access to everything, people from across the nation travel for business and leisure both which leads to increase in demand of trained Hospitality Professionals.  Nowadays, Hospitality jobs are much more than just hotels and restaurant.  The opportunity is limitless and thus offers excellent global career prospects.
Whatever the world economy does,  the hospitality sector keeps on growing.  The travel and tourism sector alone supports 284 million people employment.

The sector is expected to grow 4% annually,  providing 370 million jobs by 2026. A Hospitality graduate can look at wide range of career experience in comparison to any other graduate,  which includes field like digital marketing, catering and room sales,  finance,  accounts,  store/Inventory management,  etc.

Thus the above statement stands 100% correct,  that Hospitality being the most dynamic industry.

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