Post Graduate Courses

MHM (Masters in Hotel Management)

For propelling and increasing the pace of your career, Masters in Hotel management is a valuable qualification. The MHM enhances your strategic management skills and builds on existing competencies to help you excel in managerial responsibilities In hospitality Sector


»Program Length : 2 years
»Requires : Graduate in any Discipline


For propelling and increasing the pace of your career is a valuable qualification. The M. Voc enhances your strategic management skills and builds on existing competencies to help you excel in hospitality industry. The program is challenging and detailed, it will add a whole new dimension to your career.


»Program Length : 2 years
»Requires : Graduate in any Discipline

Under Graduate Courses

BHM (Bachelors in Hotel Management)

This course provides in-depth laboratory work for students to acquire the required knowledge & Skill standards in the operational areas of food production. Food & Beverages, Front Office Operation and Housekeeping. Apart from these, it also imparts substantial managerial training in the areas of Sales and Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Hotel and catering La, Property Management and Entrepreneurship Development.


»Program Length : 3 years
»Requires : Sr. Secondary in any Discipline



This is the foundation program in Hotel Management which introduces you to every department of the hotel and exposes you to the best practices of the hospitality industry. The program hones the skill of the student to become a successful supervisor or manager in the industry.


»Program Length : 3 years
»Requires : Sr. Secondary in any Discipline


BHMCT – Bachelor Of Hotel Mgt. And Catering Technology

The course best integrated for students who are keen on pursuing cooking as their career and are also interested in the field of hotel management, travel and tourism.

»Program Length : 4 years
»Requires : Sr. Secondary in any Discipline (4 Year Course)

Short Term

Diploma in Hotel Management

This course exposes to a basic skills of hospitality industry, more at operational level and includes knowledge of all major departments of hospitality Sector. Students gets to learn operational skills of each department. In this program students will undergo 1 year theory classes and 6 months internship in five star hotels and students will get a Diploma from the University.

Diploma in Food & Beverage

Diploma in Food Production

Diploma in Front Office

Diploma in Housekeeping

»Program Length : 1yr. 6 months
»Requires : Sr. Secondary in any Discipline

Certificate Course -AHLEI-American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute

Many of students either do not have time to pursue full three year degree or they discover their true passion for food and food service later in life, after they’ve already acquired an undergraduate degree or spent decades in their industries.These are the programs designed especially for these students, through which student is imparted highly specialized skills in any of the four major departments of the hotel either in Front Office Management, Culinary arts and Beverage management or Housekeeping Management.

AHLEI-American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute
»Program Length : 6 months.
»Requires : 10th Pass

International Courses

AIMAS , Jaipur is offering International Hospitality Diploma for the students interested in short term programs in Global Hospitality Education and Exposure. We offer following International Diplomas to peruse overseas internship and placement in Thailand, Mauritius, Dubai, New Zealand, China and Malaysia.

Our International Diploma Programs

International Diploma in Food & Beverage Operations ( IDFB )

International Diploma in Accommodation Operations ( IDAO )

International Diploma in Culinary Arts ( IDCA )

International Diploma in Tourism Studies ( IDTS )


We offer International Diploma program in any of the above mentioned subject with six months of International Internship in the country selected by the students as per their preference .

DURATION : Total Course Duration is 1.5 years.
TRAINING :1 year class room training.
PARTNER :Course Delivery partner OTHM Qualifications, UK.
INTERNSHIP : 06 months International Internship
(Thailand, Mauritius, Dubai, China and Malaysia )
PLACEMENT : 100 % Placements assistance in India & Abroad.
After the successful completion of the program , “ INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA ” will be awarded by AIMAS & OTHM to the student.