Why hospitality industry as a career option?
Sep 02 2019


Hospitality in some quotes is described as the virtue of a great soul that cares for the whole universe through the ties of humanity. Hospitality is the work of being hospitable and chiefly denotes the connection between the guest and the host.

Since early times, Guests are treated with lots of love and care in India, as we follow the principle of Atithi Devo Bhava, which simply means “Guest is god”. Henceforth, Guests in India are taken care with complete respect and affection. Apart from warm welcome, it also includes the treatment and entertainment of the visitors or guests.


In the present time, Hospitality is a rapidly blooming industry. It comprises a broad category service like Hotel management, tourism, event planning, transportation, lodging line, cruise theme parks, and many more.

Hospitality is a multi-billion industry which is endlessly developing with a hike in disposable income and holiday timing of people. Any hospitality entity alike a hotel, restaurant or an amusement park have several requirement of human resources such as marketing, management, direct operations, housekeeping, kitchen team and service staff .

Therefore, a career in Hospitality management has a bright future ahead.

There are a couple of excellent Hotel Management colleges and institutes in Rajasthan, which offer numerous courses related to hospitality industry and AIHMAS is one of them.

Ananta Institute of Hotel Management & Allied Studies, Jaipur is associated with Rajasthan ILD Skills University and have a record of 100% placement.


AIHMAS is a leading Hotel management institute in Jaipur that serve quality education and training in all sectors of Hospitality Management. Through its Diploma in Hotel management, it delivers ever expanding knowledge and skills in extremely professional environment with all related applied research, scientific facts and ongoing innovations.

Apart from regular degrees like Bachelors in Hotel management and Masters in Hotel Management, it offers a wide range of hotel management courses in the field of Hospitality Training & Education across Rajasthan.

With its veteran team the institute is offering the opportunity to its students to be trained in globally recognized skills, with highly expert professionals and earn an International Degree in Hospitality Management.

AIHMAS is known for training its apprentices from highly experienced and professional team, which provide them the caliber to deal with actual ground challenges, apart from practical teaching. These practices ensure a promising career of the students, in hospitality industry.


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