How to See Chef as a Career after 12th?
Aug 24 2019

The Food industry over the world, including India, is always enrolling a respectable development rate, explicitly in the metro urban areas, for example, Bangalore and Mumbai. Jaipur, when it goes to the accomplishment of a café or Hotel, it to a great extent relies upon the chef or a gathering of chefs. Therefore, the hospitality industry has laid a great deal of significance on the situation of a chef and is enlisting them by offering shocking advantages. On the off chance that you get yourself energetic about preparing and consider getting ready nourishment as a workmanship, you can consider seeking after a profession in this field. To turn into a chef, up-and-comers should sharpen their culinary aptitudes which can be accomplished through expert courses. How about we investigate how to turn into a chef.

Candidate, completing a master in hotel management looking for placement, many want to be a chef or many want be a manager.  At the present time cooking is an activity in a traditional kitchen. Today, five-star hotels and larger restaurants have an executive chef obligated for the management of the kitchen.  The skills and working arts of a chef have become modern.

The market of the hospitality industry is growing up and the demand for professional chefs is on fire. As the title describe, it’s an executive position and does not involve a lot of hands-on work in a kitchen… Most of the hands-on work in the kitchen is overseen by the soups chef. Apart from that, there can be multiple cooks, line cooks, prep cooks, and more, all responsible for different aspects of food preparation.

Generally, the hierarchy of chefs in the industry is like this.

  • Executive Chef – Executive chef has the entire responsibility that’s happening inside the kitchen like menu creation, personal management, and business aspects.
  • Sous Chef – This comes after the executive chef and has a responsibility like menu-planning, costing and ordering.
  • Expeditor – This comes after expeditor and has the responsibility to make sure the food is plated in time for the waiters to serve orders
  • Cooks and Assistants – They has specific responsibility inside the kitchen. Usually, a person starts from Commi3, then Commi2, Commi1, Demi-chef-de -parties and Chef-de-parties. Inside kitchen, they are specialist of different- different sections, like Chinese, French, Italian, Continental, Banquet, Pastry, etc.

Chef Eligibility Criteria


  • Minimum qualifications 10+2
  • Bachelor/Diploma in Hotel management
  • Certificate chef courses that last 6-12 months

Personal attributes:

  • An inborn love for first-class food is the primary pre-requisite.
  • Should have an experimental bent of mind and the curiosity to know the chemistry of different food ingredients.
  • Having knowledge about different varieties of food and cuisine and how they are cooked, prepared and finally presented to the guests. One should possess an outgoing and friendly personality and also an ability to work in a team.
  • Organizational Skills
  • Curiosity and Desire to Learn More
  • Physical Stamina
  • Creativity
  • Attention to Detail
  • Ability to Handle High-Stress Environments

Chef Job Prospects

Once completion of a diploma or the certificate course in Hotel Management, one can join a hotel as an intern or can opt for an apprenticeship after 10+2 directly.

A well trained and experienced chef has many employment avenues which are

A trained chef has many employment avenues which are different and engrossing. Big 5 star hotels and restaurants, food processing companies, air catering, catering in confectioneries, corporate catering and cruise liner all require chefs.

Chef Pay Package

Chef as different2 salary packages depending upon experience and working styles.

  • For trainees Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 15,000
  • For one year experience Rs. 50,000 per month in a good restaurant

Best college/institute for chef in jaipur

This is the most common superstition is that if you join a “hotel management” course, you graduate as a chef. No!  Here is the list of top chef college in jaipur

  2. UEI Global
  3. Institute of Hotel Management and Culinary Science
  4. Faculty Of Agriculture Science, Maharishi Arvind university
  5. Apex University

It is right time that we see hospitality careers in the sky. If it’s your burning desire to go into Food and Beverage Service, Accommodation Operations and Front Office then opt for Hotel Management courses, apart from that if you want to become a chef, then perfectly you should take up Professional Food Production courses such as culinary courses. AIHMAS is the best hotel management institute in Jaipur. That’s providing such a good environment for study. Where you will learn all skills with particle (real-time industry work).

Conclusion: – Students after complete Bachelors in Hotel management choose chef as a career. The future of a chef is bright, if we see present time. He get handsome salary package with batter life style.


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