10 Important Reasons for Having Hotel staff Uniforms in the hospitality industry
Sep 18 2019

Discipline is something that is appreciated by everyone. And if it works professionally in the workplace then the impressions among their clients increase and so they want to visit your place again and again. Industries like hospitality where students come from different-different education backgrounds like Diploma in Hotel Management, Bachelors in Hotel Management or Masters in Hotel Management learned the basic manners of how to treat their guests who come to the hotel. And having a proper attire like hotel staff uniform indicates them as gentle people from far away.

10 Important Reasons for Having Hotel staff Uniforms in the hospitality industry.

  • 1st impression – These days a proper and perfect uniform dress makes a good impression near their clients. The hotel industry has some bookmark type of image like their way of representing near clients says about inside the hotel. How neat and clean and systematic they are the assumption about inside will be the same.
  • Good vibes only – A perfect uniform indicates good vibes and the perfect work culture of the place. If you will see a lady wearing perfect saree with good accents on her mouth. You can automatically assume the good vibes.
  • Responsibility – There are different colleges for hotel management where they taught their students not only to treat well with their guests but also to make an impression with their behavior as well. As these are important parts of hospitality.
  • Dress code – There are different dresses divided for the manager, hospitality department, and chef. Their dresses were divided on the basis of their tasks. For example, a manager is a highly responsible person in a hotel. So, he should have to wear a smart suit and a tie like that. In the same way, the hospitality department has the responsibility to attend to their guests so, in that case, they also wore neat clean and smart formals or saree. And the chef who made delicious food for gusts has to wear a hygienic dress so as to make healthy food.
  • Recognition– A hotel staff’s uniform is necessary to identify their guests easily in-crowd. It will be tough for the guests to recognize hotel staffs in mess sometimes. This is why a particular uniform that has some identified logo or color make their guests easier to find the staff of the hotel.
  • Healthy environment – The hospitality industry used these uniforms also to make a healthy and hygienic environment. By covering their heads to wearing aprons chef took care to make healthy food. From the manager to the cleaning department everyone does follow some basic norms to make the environment hygienic by wearing gloves, caps, jackets wherever its need and demand arises.
  • Avoid accidents -Sometimes uniforms of chef protect them also with unknown accidents like non- slip safety shoes are one of them. Also while cooking dishes they used to wear aprons to avoid stains on their dress.
  • Team spirit – Like always when you feel part of the team you motivate to work nicely. And so it happens here too, when you look all around and when you see your mates are working you will yourself inspired to do at your best.
  • Professionalism –  It is important in the hotel industry as it is all about the interaction with the guests all the time, all staff should have the professionalism to tackle with their guests. Because you never know what will be or what kind of mood your guests have. But when the hospitality department has certain way to represent, they can easily handle any kind of client.
  • Locations matter – There are N number of Hotel Management colleges in Rajasthan that are running different – different Hotel management courses whose priority was to give the best education of hospitality from basic manners. Rajasthan itself counts as a tourist place where guests come to visit the whole year. So, it will be best to study here and take experience.

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